The Mission

 Leading up to my sobriety decision on 2/20/18 it was the stories of others that spoke to me and moved me forward. It was the knowledge that I'm not alone that solidified the support I so desperately needed and that continues to keep me grounded. There are countless and beautiful podcasts, videos, websites, and support groups dedicated to recovery, and then there is the undeniable power of the written word.

Written personal stories are not just powerful to the reader, but tremendously so for the writer. There is something transcendent about laying out your feelings and experiences on a page. Consider the benefits of personal journaling, which can be healing on so many levels, and now take that one step further. Put those words out into the world and allow them to serve as a connection to someone else who may be struggling. That can be life changing, even within anonymity.

My mission is to offer this as a safe space to share our addiction and recovery stories. Many of us are in the thick of, or recovering from, something. Others of us are impacted by someone else in this position. This isn't only about alcohol or drugs. Perfectionism, workaholism, anxiety, depression, codependency, trauma, eating disorders, abuse - these are just a sampling of what impacts our lives. In this space, you get to choose what you wish to share and you can do it with anonymity. Because there is no requirement to submit your name, you can tell your truth in your own unique way. It can be your life struggle or it might be one particular incident. Write about the hard stuff, share a recovery tip, celebrate triumphs. You don't have to be a professional writer and what you send in doesn't need to be perfectly polished. I'm a firm believer in what Brené Brown refers to in her book Rising Strong as the shitty first draft. Write from your heart. Don't overthink it. Show your truth. I guarantee you that it will connect with someone else who needs your words.

If you have a story you would like to share, I encourage your help to build this space and our connection with one another. Please visit the Share Your Story page for details. As the stories are submitted, you can follow those journeys on Our Stories page in addition to keeping up with my personal journey on the Blog

There is much work to be done still, but with your contributions we can make this happen together. I'm glad you are here.